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Leslie L. Shoemaker, PhD

Executive Vice President, Chief Sustainability and Leadership Development Officer

Headshot of Leslie Shoemaker
Leslie L. Shoemaker, PhD is Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability and Leadership Development Officer of Tetra Tech.

Dr. Shoemaker is Tetra Tech’s Chief Sustainability and Leadership Development Officer. She joined Tetra Tech in 1991 and has a deep understanding of Tetra Tech, having served as president, group president, chief strategy officer, and project manager. She designed Tetra Tech’s corporate sustainability program and has served as our Chief Sustainability Officer for more than a decade. Dr. Shoemaker has facilitated leadership development through internal mentoring and training curriculum development for Tetra Tech’s Leadership Academy program. She led the formation of Tetra Tech’s Strategic Growth Initiatives program that links our high-end scientists and engineers across our operations to leverage our company’s resources in developing new markets.

Her technical specialty is in the development of analysis systems and model applications for watershed management and integrated water management solutions that incorporate water reuse and stormwater harvesting. She has led large-scale watershed studies, focused on climate resiliency and optimization of green infrastructure solutions. Dr. Shoemaker was principal investigator and lead for development of first-of-a-kind models that have helped to advance the science of water management (i.e., SUSTAIN and GWLF). Dr. Shoemaker holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Hamilton College, a Master of Engineering from Cornell University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Maryland. She was inducted into the United States’ National Academy of Engineering in 2022.

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