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Tetra Tech Leadership Academy

Future leaders of Tetra Tech participate in the yearlong Leadership Academy
Every year 30 professionals from across Tetra Tech participate in the company’s Leadership Academy corporate professional development program.

The Leadership Academy prepares project managers to better manage both their projects and employees, as well as enhance their leadership skills to better serve their clients. Individuals are nominated by their operating unit, and 30 participants are selected by Tetra Tech Chairman and CEO Dan Batrack.

Throughout the yearlong training program, participants complete three intensive modules, led by Tetra Tech’s executive management, to expand their knowledge of the company and operational, financial, and interpersonal skills. Learning directly from Tetra Tech’s management encourages participants to think creatively to find the best solution for each project. Participants discuss best practices and share their ideas on approaching situations such as contract negotiations or effectively managing financial performance. Leadership Academy graduates are tasked with special assignments and go on to be some of Tetra Tech’s top leaders.

We look forward to seeing how our Leadership Academy alumni will continue to build on Tetra Tech’s legacy of innovation and Leading with Science®.

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