Advancing ESG Strategy and Creating a Competitive Advantage with Climate-Related Disclosure

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利乐全球最大体育平台的Jennifer Warfield, 玛丽begg, and former Tetra Tech sustainability manager Rachel Bigby discuss what publicly traded companies can do to set up for disclosure readiness, prepare a compliance strategy to address upcoming climate change disclosure requirements, 并推动他们的环境, 社会, 和治理(ESG)成熟度.

多年来, companies that established a public net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target were viewed as having advanced ESG strategies that set them apart from competitors. 然而,净零目标已不再被认为是足够的.

美国.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) climate disclosure regulation is a monumental shift from companies voluntarily developing a sustainability strategy to requiring registrants to provide annual data as an indicator of their ESG performance. 另外, companies will be required to provide complete and valid documentation to back up their climate commitments. Whether a company is already disclosing GHG emissions and climate strategy or has yet to start, the proposed SEC legislation and the upcoming International 可持续性 Standards Board (ISSB) standards provide compelling incentive for companies to proactively inventory their practices, 管理风险, 抓住机会.

The SEC draft rules emerged from more than a decade of rising demand from investors, ESG咨询小组委员会的建议, 还有一年的公众意见征询期. The proposed new SEC legislation incorporates frameworks on climate risk and GHG emissions from the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. It seeks to provide stakeholders with consistent and reliable information on the potential impacts that climate-related risks may have on business to inform investment decisions.

With promulgation of the SEC rules and issuance of the ISSB standards anticipated at the end of this year, 2023 will bring a significant shift in how companies track and report on climate resiliency and GHG emissions. 公司可以采取几种方法, depending on where they are and where they aim to be along the ESG maturity spectrum. While the SEC rules are only applicable to certain publicly traded companies, 不在SEC管辖范围内的公司将受到影响, given interrelated supply chain connections and general business advancement goals in the private sector.

We encourage companies to use Tetra Tech’s GHG Emissions Milestones of ESG Maturity and Climate Risk and Resiliency Milestones of ESG Maturity (see full article) to reflect on your company’s current sustainability practices and to inform your unique strategy and action plan. Increasing the sustainability practices within your organization can be an iterative process. 无论你落在连续体的哪个位置, you can make frequent process improvements and take bold action to mature beyond regulatory requirements to improve business outcomes.

证券交易委员会提出的规则是否直接或间接影响到你的公司, Tetra Tech can be an asset to your team as you work on what’s next for your company’s ESG progression. From strategy development to engineering and implementation solutions, Tetra Tech is 引领科学® 帮助我们的客户实现可持续发展和ESG目标.

We cover approaches to prepare to comply with climate disclosure requirements—and move beyond compliance to create a competitive advantage—in our paper, “How Upcoming ESG Guidelines and Requirements for Climate-Related Disclosures Can Enhance a Company’s 可持续性 Position.”

Explore how companies can comply with regulations while enhancing their sustainability position through climate-related disclosure.



Jennifer Warfield,体育教练

Jennifer Warfield is a program manager for environmental commercial accounts specializing in ESG and sustainability services.

拥有超过20年的环保经验, 健康, 安全, 可持续发展咨询, Jennifer specializes in interdisciplinary solutions for corporate global teams, 创造协同效应和效率,实现高质量成果. She focuses on portfolio and management techniques for greater climate resiliency.

Jennifer拥有一系列esg相关项目的专业知识, 包括战略, 政策声明, 报告及披露, 和温室气体清单, 以及利益相关者参与和重要性评估项目. She has managed global organizational transformation initiatives for clients, 导致文化转变和流程改进. She has expertise in global environmental compliance and audit program management, 以及与合并相关的环境和ESG尽职调查, 收购, 和资产剥离.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Rice University and a Master of Science in 环境al Engineering from University of Texas at Austin.



玛丽·贝格斯是一名高级律师, 农业与经济增长, 在利乐全球最大体育平台的国际发展服务部门工作.

She brings more than 15 years of experience supporting the private sector in more than 20 countries in Africa, 东欧, 以及东南亚地区.S. 国际开发署, 英国国际开发署, 千年挑战公司, 国际金融公司, 世界银行, 以及其他私营部门资助的项目.

She is an expert in applying an ESG lens to market systems analysis in emerging economies, 重点是当地合作伙伴的参与和授权. Mary currently manages support to the Presidentially appointed Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), 她在那里与BIFAD和USAID合作开展了许多活动, 包括与减缓和适应气候变化有关的问题.

She has a Master of Business Administration from Brandeis University and is trained in Lean Six Sigma process improvement.